Why SPOT-On? Joe Tolan answers

Joe Tolan, recently retired CEO of Metro United Way (Louisville) shares his reflections on their SPOT-On workshop from spring 2016 and the significant gains they experienced.

This under four minute video delivers powerful insights and reasons why your team should consider this reimagined workshop.

To learn more about SPOT-On workshops and coaching can help unify your team around key indicators and actions, email us at win@winsightz.com

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Why Winsightz? Meet team member Mindy Hedley

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, what are you doing for others?”- Martin Luther King

I love this quote and it has been my adult life’s guiding principal.

Thirty years ago, Winston Faircloth asked me to join the Resource Development team at Metro United Way in Louisville, KY. I was blessed to learn from Winston and other team members the best practices in donor development.

I remained there for the next sixteen campaigns, assuming various roles and ultimately serving as the campaign director.

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Why Winsightz? Meet team member Logan McCulloch

Why Winsightz? Here are a few of my personal reasons for joining my friend and colleague Winston Faircloth in his latest endeavor. I first met Winston when I was an executive in the banking industry and served as a Loaned Executive (LE) on my hometown United Way campaign in 1987. Winston was the VP of Resource Development for Metro United Way in Louisville, Kentucky. That was the same year I met my friend and fellow Winsightz consultant Mindy Hedley (she led the LE training program).

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An Unexpected Detour, Happy 1st Anniversary

What if ALL of our life’s experiences had prepared us perfectly for our next season of work?

That question propelled me a year ago as I launched Winsightz on August 15, 2015. Deep in my soul, I just knew that it was time for a new chapter in my life after over 15 years as the founding team member at Upic Solutions. And I felt like now was the time to pursue my dream of building a team which would bring a diverse set of life experiences in service to a select group of clients.

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April Fools? No, these United Way trends are true.

April 1 is known as a day to be skeptical of news releases and bold claims. I love April Fools pranks as much as anyone else. You can follow some of the best today here on Twitter.

How I wish these United Way giving trends were merely an April Fool’s joke!

As a former VP & CEO of three different United Ways, I always viewed our annual fundraising as a barometer of our engagement and resonance with the needs of the local community. If that’s true, then this should be our wakeup call.

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WinBack: Important, not Urgent

Steven Covey popularized the Eisenhower Method for time management/ decision making in the 1994 book: First Things First, distinguishing between the important and the urgent.

Earlier this week, United Way Worldwide shared the most recent fundraising results from the 2014 fall campaign: US giving is down another $48 million (-1%). And while the rate of loss of individual donors is slowing, United Ways lost another 370,000 donors last year.

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12,154 Love letters: My 33 years as United Way pro

If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. –Marc Anthony

For the last 12,154 days I have been directly employed by United Way or one of its subsidiaries. September 30, 2015 was my last day working within United Way network. To the thousands of United Way professionals and volunteers I’ve worked along side over the past 33 years, I thank you for your wisdom, your mentorship, and most of all your leadership by example.

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New Donor Defections

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words. But in this case, a picture is better than a hundred reports. This is a chart from the WinBack platform for one of our pilot communities showing how many new donors recruited a few years ago are still giving to this United Way. Over 75% of those new donors in 2010 no longer give at all and another 10% did not give in consecutive years. All of that hard work, wasted.

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Join our 2015 WinBack Pilot

We are now recruiting a select number of organizations to pilot the WinBack platform of software and strategic coaching services dedicated to helping you WinBack lapsed and at-risk customers/donors. The pilot program includes 90 days use of our interactive churn platform and 90 days of strategic coaching services for a fixed fee at 75% off our standard pricing model.

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Introducing WinBack

Losing customers or donors? Many organizations spend vast amounts of energy chasing new customers, yet lose an offsetting number due to inattention. At Winsightz, we have a heart for charitable causes and small/medium businesses facing this challenge. That’s why as our first product, we’re introducing WinBack–software and coaching services to help you FIND, KNOW and ENGAGE your lapsed customers

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$350 million opportunity

I recently learned that over the past eight years, United Ways across the US lost 3.5 million donors (a decrease of 30%). That’s a net loss of donors, masking a larger issue with donor/customer churn. And while overall revenue has remained relatively constant over that period, it is a disturbing trend. Assuming $100 average gift per donor (less than $2 per week), that means that there is at least $350,000,000 fewer dollars available.

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Joy of Giving

I begin this journey to start Winsightz with an absolute belief that all of my life experiences will make a significant impact for causes I believe in. As you know, my entire career since 1982 has been affiliated with United Way in one form or another. So, I have a strong affinity to United Way’s original mission of bringing diverse interests together within a community working towards a better future for all.

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Moment of Inspiration

Have you ever struggled with a decision, one that could change your life forever? All of the options feels like an overwhelming fog, blocking out the light. I felt that way for what seemed to be an eternity. And then suddenly….light comes streaming in and the answer is as clear as a Rocky Mountain stream. Colors seem brighter, life is more vibrant. Effortless.

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Fog of Discernment

Earlier this week, I took this photo of a spider web through a fogged up window. This image reminded me of the decision-making process over the past three years which brought me to this new season of my career. Foggy, unclear, with a web of potential pitfalls. This journey began with an overwhelming feeling of restlessness in the summer of 2012. It was at a networking event almost three years ago where I first had the vision of becoming a business owner. I wanted to own Upic.

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Congrats on your retirement! Really?

Shortly after posting my decision to leave Upic in April, I attended the national United Way conference in Dallas. At that point, the focus was on reassuring everyone that the organization so many trust for cloud services and application expertise was strong and growing. (And believe me, the best is yet to come–you will be amazed what Upic reveals in a few months). What I did not anticipate was how many people would greet me with a version of “congrats on your retirement”. My first reaction was, wow–do I look THAT old?

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A New Generation of Leadership

Fifteen years ago, I formally joined the Upic Solutions team as the first consultant/employee of an emerging technology collaboration between several regional United Ways. Our goal was to see if we could expand the successful back-office project between two United Way organizations into a regional one. United Ways were then ill prepared to provide electronic pledge processing with new commercial providers beginning to enter the market, backed by millions of dollars of venture capital.

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