Why Winsightz? Meet team member Logan McCulloch

By Logan McCulloch

Logan McCulloch

Why Winsightz?  Here are a few of my personal reasons for joining my friend and colleague Winston Faircloth in his latest endeavor.  I first met Winston when I was an executive in the banking industry and served as a Loaned Executive (LE) on my hometown United Way campaign in 1987.  Winston was the VP of Resource Development for Metro United Way in Louisville, Kentucky.  That was the same year I met my friend and fellow Winsightz consultant Mindy Hedley (she led the LE training program).  I continued as an active volunteer for several years and in 1992 I changed careers and began work as a fundraising executive for Metro United Way.  By this time Winston had become the CEO of the United Way in Lexington, Kentucky.  

My first opportunity to actively collaborate with Winston came when he founded and organized a Kentucky CAN-DO (Campaign Analysis Now – Developing Objectives) consulting team.  We were trained and certified as facilitators in this data-driven, trend analysis based strategic planning system.  Later we would team up and lead CAN-DO’s for our sister United Ways in and around Kentucky and Winston would join a national team which helped develop this tool for the rest of the United Way field.  This was my first experience witnessing the depth of Winston’s skills, insights and strategic talents in action.  I have been a huge fan of the CAN-DO concept, tools and methods ever since.

I’m also a big fan of Winston Faircloth and Mindy Hedley.  When I first reconnected with them in the fall of 2015 they had been working together at Winsightz for about six months.  As I came to understand the client value of the consulting tools they were actively developing, I was immediately intrigued.  They were speaking my language, not only with the excellent client products they were creating, but even more so with the personal and professional philosophies they were consciously infusing into Winsightz.  

Beyond the tangible and valuable professional outputs we deliver lies a deep commitment to integrity, honesty, service and humility.  I trust these two people on every level.  All of us agree that these are the traits and personal standards we will bring into any work environment we enter.  We will deliver a high quality work product, but we will do so within a conscious and constant intention to deliver something more.  We intend to be inspired by each client partner we take on…and to leave a little extra something of ourselves as well.  We love the non-profit world and non-profit people.  

Through its products, such as the SPOT-ON strategic planning system, Winsightz is delivering tried and true best practices updated for today’s dynamic non-profit environment.  But we are committed to delivering that value in a partnership with our clients that goes beyond.  That is what attracted me to Winsightz.  As in any organization, ultimately it’s the people that make all the difference.  Winston and Mindy are difference-makers.  Along with our newest teammate Amanda Bose, I am proud and grateful to be a member of the Winsightz team.