Introducing WinBack

Losing customers or donors?  Many organizations spend vast amounts of energy chasing new customers, yet lose an offsetting number due to inattention.  At Winsightz, we have a heart for charitable causes and small/medium businesses facing this challenge.

That’s why as our first product, we’re introducing WinBack–software and coaching services to help you FIND, KNOW and ENGAGE your lapsed customers.  Through the balance of 2015, we’re piloting our new service with a select number of organizations to test our product and refine our processes focused on WinBack opportunities of lapsed and at-risk customers.

In the 90 day pilot program, we connect our software to your existing CRM/campaign platform providing overnight updates to our live “churn” dashboard.

FIND:  We segment your customers into 11 segments based upon their purchasing/donation history.  The dashboard has many views of the data and can be filtered by the way you organize your efforts.

KNOW: Within each segment, you have drill down capability on individual profiles which blend key data elements within your organization with social media matches so you can know even more about your WinBack prospects.

ENGAGE: Within each segment, you can download an Excel version of the data for further refinement/use.  And when there are social media matches, you can see their recent posts and launch to their platform from within their profile.

We’re offering our pilot program at 75% off of list price (buy one month, get two free months and no installation fees).

Don’t let another quarter go by without focusing your efforts on WinBack.  For more information, email or call 859-240-9822.