New Donor Defections

New donor defections

It has been said that a picture is worth a thousand words.  But in this case, a picture is better than a hundred reports.  This is a chart from the WinBack platform for one of our pilot communities showing how many new donors recruited a few years ago are still giving to this United Way.  Over 75% of those new donors in 2010 no longer give at all. (And this from a very strong, progressive and beloved United Way).  All of that hard work, wasted.

When our client saw this chart, their immediate reaction was to rethink their intentionality around on-boarding new donors and keeping them engaged over time.  At Winsightz, we find that many organizations lack a thoughtful and planned effort around donor retention.

That’s why our WinBack pilot program is so important to organizations facing donor retention challenges. Our program is designed to help you FIND, KNOW and ENGAGE both lapsed and at-risk donors. We’re showing you many new views of donor churn/donor retention. We’re bringing together fundraising experts to help guide you through weekly coaching sessions tailored to your organization.  And finally, through our cohort of members, we’re sharing promising practices attacking the problem during our 90 day sprint.

This chart doesn’t have to be your future, when you take action with WinBack today.  For a program description and screen shots of the platform, please email