Today, Upic provides information/technology services on a national scale to over 20% of United Way team members coast to coast. We provide a wide variety of both transactional and strategic technology services, pioneering innovation across United Ways large and small. I am proud to have contributed to the formation and building of Upic into the United Way’s largest and most trusted technology partner over the past fifteen years.

Last summer, I began to engage the Upic board in a discussion about CEO succession, with a goal of reaching a decision by my 55th birthday in March 2015.

As a career United Way team member since 1982, I have become increasingly concerned about the future of our movement. And while we are doing essential IT services here at Upic, I have felt compelled to explore new ways to help address structural and systemic challenges facing both our United Way network and individual United Ways. As one stark example, in just the past six years United Ways have lost 30% of our national donor base (12.2M US donors in 2006 to 8.7M in 2013). I believe I have a unique set of experiences as a former United Way executive and as a leader of a technology collaboration which can be more useful in another way to the United Way network I love so much.

Therefore, I have decided to step down as Upic’s CEO later this fall.

I believe so strongly in the mission of Upic that I’ve agreed to stay on as CEO for the next six months as we begin to better align Upic to the current and future needs of our member United Ways. I believe it is now time for a new generation of leadership to take the helm here, while I develop complimentary ways to be of service to the larger United Way network. I have also offered to work with the new leadership after my departure, bringing relationships within United Way to help Upic grow and prosper on a part-time basis, if needed. The board has formed a search committee, headed by board chair Janet Jackson, to support their process.

I am excited for the future of Upic and the insights that new leadership will bring to the organization. Our internal leadership team and I will be working hard in the meantime to make sure that we are positioned for the best chance of success now and into the future. We will have more to share about that vision in the next few weeks: a future where Upic focuses on making Andar easier to use and more accessible to other best of breed software platforms.

(Originally posted on LinkedIn on April 12, 2015)