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Our mission:  Connecting millions of committed contributors with causes which deeply resonate.

There is nothing quite like the “Joy of Giving”.  Especially when the contributor feels a deep connection with the cause.

Today, technology exists to create/connect committed donors on a scale like never before.  

Winsightz coaches have deep expertise in the United Way field- combined 60+ years, and each with a different specialty. And unlike other consulting services, we offer ongoing coaching/support opportunities to increase accountability and momentum following our initial engagment.


We Deliver for You

  • Experience:  60+ years of fundraising, technology and executive leadership of MM dollar organizations.
  • Innovation:  game changing results in service design and execution, creating new approaches to volunteer management, service delivery and technology capacity building.
  • Vision:  connecting seemingly disparate points of information into a cohesive framework for the future.


SPOT-On (Strategic Priorities Objectives & Tactics —ON-site) engages the leadership of an organization in an intensive workshop that utilizes numerical trend data to produce a fact-based profile of the organization’s strengths and weaknesses (opportunities), and culminates in the production of a focused set of measurable objectives and the strategies and action plans to attain them.  

Unlike many consulting engagements where experts tell you what’s needed, SPOT-On leverages the wisdom of the crowd from within your organization–building deeper understanding of the trend data and greater commitment to actions your team has developed.  Our workshop delivers in 3-5 days of work, what would normally take months of building shared understanding and buy-in across your team for needed action.

Following the workshop, we offer ongoing SPOT-On coaching– holding you and your team accountable to the plans you have developed.  We pair you with an experienced fundraising professional who acts as coach, advisor and strategist on a fractional basis–saving you precious time.  Our coaching helps you maximize your investment by making sure the workshop delivers on its promise via ongoing accountabilty.



Imagine knowing your audience (customers or contributors) personalities beyond traditional demographics and CRM. And then be able to communicate with them in a way which deeply resonates with their interests.  This has been our dream for many years–the ability to connect with contributors and customers with a high degree of personalization at scale.

That dream is now a reality.

Audience Insights is “insights as a service” offering which uses content self-authored by your contributors or customers and turns this into 50+ personality metrics.  We then compare these metrics to other key performance indicators within your organization to develop a series of personas which cut across many traditional marketing segmentations.  These personas allow you to communicate at scale with messaging which resonates with your clients based upon current events and changing interests.  It also allows you to find others who share these same personas outside of your database within your larger market.

Affordable and actionable data is now available for a fraction of traditional segmentation strategies.

Technology is so important to the modern non-profit.  But very few leaders feel comfortable with the concept of IT as a strategic asset, instead of a cost center.  And even fewer technology staff members can translate their alignment to the mission of the organization.

Our TAM assessment cuts through the fog–aligning your business goals with your technology investments.  Through an interview process and review of existing services/investments in technology, we provide a road map for the next 6-18 months.

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